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Natural Flood Disaster Insurance

Living in a coastal state, Louisiana residents are no strangers to the dangers that come with flooding. According to FEMA, flooding is the number one natural disaster that affects home owners in the entire United States. A Ace Insurance Agency, Inc. is here to help ensure that your home is protected from America's number one natural cause of home damage.

Why Should I Get Flood Insurance?
Flood insurance is a separate type of insurance that can be included with your home insurance. Most homeowners and business owners are under the mistake that flood insurance is included in their regular home insurance policy, but since certain homes do not fall within a flood zone this is not the case. However, even if your home does not fall within a flood zone, you still might be subject to flooding. To learn more about if flood insurance is right for you, your home and your family call us at (225) 293-9683 today.
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